Andy playing his last World Cup,Wellington, NZ, 2002

ANDY WALTON, England and the World's most capped player

Andy Walton first represented England in 1990, playing against Australia. In the intervening years, Andy's commitment to indoor cricket and England resulted in an unequalled record--he represented England in every tour they were involved in, including all four World Cups.

At the conclusion of the 2002 World Cup in Wellington, New Zealand, Andy retired. He was 37 years old, and had accumulated a record total of 71 International Tests and 34 Representative games for England, making him currently the most Capped indoor cricketer in the world.

I first met Andy during the inaugural World Masters in Perth, 2001, and we renewed our acquaintance at the 2002 World Cup in Wellington. We had discussed the possibility of an interview for Indoor Cricket World, and Andy's decision to leave England and move to my hometown of Perth was the final catalyst to it actually happening.

So here we go, our interview with the man who is arguably the most experienced indoor cricketer at the international level, Andy Walton.

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